We are pleased to provide further information about contents and structure of this presentation. The presentation itself takes about 75 minutes and contains over 30 examples of proven successful campaigns. In addition to advertising materials (TV, print, outdoor and DM), facts & figures are shared including research from TNS plus verbatim from business leaders both big and small. The presentation culminates in 5 “rules” that help advertises and agencies plan for more successful communication in times of economic downturn.

One very successful use of this presentation is for a combined audience of agency and clients/prospects as it has a proven effect on generating business and new assignments. It can also be used as an internal agency training tool involving account/planning/creative departments.

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Comments from audience

Finland   This Creative Management case was really interesting!
Pia Kärkkäinen Unit Director

Austria   We had about 100 guests, terrific media coverage and several contacts the following day from companies we always wanted to speak with.
Sepp Hartinger, Founder

Ireland   For me, Crisis...Creativity is an insightful 'real example' presentation how the 3 C's, Crisis, Creativity and Courage have combined to create an unbeatable opportunity for brand growth and new market penetration during depressed economic times. Thanks Jorg, your talk was extremely interesting and informative and shines a bright light on the future! Looking forward to meeting you again soon.
Andrew Watchorn

UK   Great to see you in Malta and a faultless presentation.
Successfully down loaded your ppt - thank you again very much. Will use it for internal training. Also, I like the idea of you helping with client facilitation session - will be in touch when we have an opportunity.
David Longden, MD

Italy   Many of the cases you presented I had never seen or even heard of. Great learning and wonderful inspiration. Thank you so much.
Alice Cimini

Turkey   When I heard of "Proven benefits of anti-cyclical advertising” I expected a speech about investing during the crisis. Your presentation was much more complex, unexpected and totally exciting. I can see how helpful it can be for better relations with clients and prospects.
Meltem Gürler

Russia   We may want to bring you to Russia to present this to our clients and prospects. They have never seen anything like this. Thanks again.
Vladimir Evstafiev

Netherlands   Great to see you! I had a lot of inspiration from your presentation crisis and creativity. It could be interesting to have the presentation on one of our Monday evenings in VAKZUID. I will discuss with the others and come back to you on this issue.
Remco Sangers, Exec Creative Director

Brazil   Great presentation. I really enjoyed it.
Rino Ferrari, President