Vale International’s in-depth global experience, knowledge and contacts enable us to call on independent experts for assignments. The pool of talent is rich and the problem definition and briefing will determine how professionals are utilized to maximize the client benefit.

There are resources available in more than 75 countries.

Each consultant is prepared to work alone or as a team member when appropriate. Each has a different skill set and, as assembled, form the core group on which we can build further.

In addition to representing a highly-professional level of competence, Vale International maintains the utmost secrecy with each assignment.

Each solution is tailor-made for the problem...not fitting the problem into formula solutions.


• Acquisitions & Mergers
• Agency Assessment
• Copyright Clearances
• Consumer Research
• Creative Audits
• Creative Solutions
• Crisis Management
• Franchise Negotiations
• Government Affairs
• Healthcare

• International Finance
• Market Research
• Meeting Designs
• Media Studies
• Organization Analysis
• Presentation Skills
• Product Research
• Public Relations
• Speaker Selection
• Website Development